Youth in politics

Youth in Politics 

Nigeria is a country that pays inadequate attention to the plight of her youths. From incessant strikes in the universities to the lack of adequate learning infrastructures, lack of jobs to engage the youth and the pittance that is dedicated to the educational sector by the federal government confirm the fact that , government do not have the interest of the youths in all its policies and programs notwithstanding the 65 million youths in a estimated population of about 200 million people.
This inept attitude towards Nigerian youth has no doubt, led to youth moral decadence in our society. There is a need to cultivate a culture of democratic participation, especially among young people. Young people nowadays have better opportunities to access information and gain knowledge about the concept of democracy and politics. This opportunity provides a platform for youth to take positive democratic decisions during election period.

Youngsmart is aware of the existing need to improve participation of young people in democratic decision making processes. Governments still do not recognize the value of youth in sustaining and strengthening democracy. Democracy can only be sustained if all stakeholders and everyone concerned can pro-actively foster and maintain democratic values and structures.

Democratic norms and principles ought to be in still in the young people at their tender age in order to internalize these norms at adulthood to help them make informed democratic decisions. Young smart understands these facts hence, has mustered the courage to shout-out, mobilize and re-strategize for youth to be active in their participation in the democratic governance.


Youngsmart promotes initiatives whose aim is to

1. Enhance youth participation in the community life

2. Encourage them to become engaged in the policy-making process and foster a democratic dialogue.

3. Engage in politics and politicking

4. Indulge them to engage in violence free election

These initiatives are to better understand youth needs and provides atmosphere for a free fair and violent free election in Nigeria.

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What We Do

We raise youths for self-discovery, leadership, accountability, productivity, as well as equip them to get involved and participate in the national discourse.


We believe that educated and empowered youth will invariably contribute to economic growth and development of any society while engender participation in National discourse.

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