Win Win Gothenburg Sustainbility Youth Award 2020 (SEK 20, 000 Award)

Oct 15 2014

Win Win Gothenburg Sustainbility Youth Award 2020. The WIN WIN Youth Award is an international award that aims to empower and reward young people who play an active role in the creation of a more sustainable future.

The WIN WIN Youth Award is a part of the WIN WIN-organisation. Since 2000 it has presented one of the world’s leading sustainability awards, the WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award. Previous winners of the WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award include Gro Harlem Brundtland, Al Gore and Kofi Annan.



Theme 2020 - Biodiversity


One million of planet Earth’s eight million different species are threatened with extinction. This fact also jeopardizes humanity’s own survival as a species. Despite scientists’ insight that the biodiversity of the Earth is crucial for our existence, the issue tends to fall between decision-makers’ areas of responsibility and does not receive the same attention as, for example, climate change. The issue of biodiversity is complex and has a bearing on a very wide range of conditions for life on Earth – everything from clean water, raw materials and food production to genetic variation, inspiration for technical solutions and cures for diseases. The multifaceted and intractable nature of the significance of biodiversity must not contribute to an inability to act. We need solutions and initiatives in many areas to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals number 14 and 15, which address ecosystems in the oceans and on land.



. The winner of the WIN WIN Youth Award will receive SEK 20.000 at the WIN WIN Award ceremony on October 22 in Gothenburg, Sweden.



We welcome contributions from individuals, organisations and movements from all over the world, with members between the age 13 to 29.

Applicants to the WIN WIN Youth Award should present a recent or ongoing project/work/initiative linked to the theme 2020 - Biodiversity. 


Application / nomination procedure

You can apply with a project of your own or nominate a candidate.

The application / nomination must include the following information: •

Name, age, e-mail and country.


• Description of the project / work / initiative answering the following questions:

What kind of project? Where? For how long? For whom? What kind of impact? How does it relate to the theme biodiversity?

• Motivation why the project / work / initiative should receive the award.


Application Deadline

Friday, June 5, 2020


Apply / nominate your candidate here

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